The Corporation, the Individual and Public Health

CHW July 29

Since corporations are at the center of  many of the world’s  most serious public health crises, improvements in health require more focus on the harmful practices of global corporations.   In an interview with Corporate Crime Reporter, a newsletter for those concerned about corporate crime, Corporations and Health Watch’s Nicholas Freudenberg explained the rationale for this approach to public health. In decent societies, Freudenberg said, healthy choices ought to be easy choices. 

But the reality in this society, increasingly over the last 20 or 30 years, unhealthy choices have become much easier because unhealthy commodities are ubiquitous. In most places in this country, it’s easier  to find food or products that are going to make you sick.  We need a different ethic. A decent society looks out for the well-being of its people and does not enable corporations or governments to endanger public well-being by aggressively promoting unhealthy choices. Read more.

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