Progressive Public Health Organizations Respond to COVID-19

Around the world, public health and social justice activists are responding to the epidemic in ways that meet immediate needs but also strengthen movements that can create alternatives to the economic and social policies that contributed to the spread of the coronavirus.  Here are three such efforts:

Mapping Business Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The NCD Alliance(NCDA) and the SPECTRUM research consortium collaborated to conduct an online survey. The aim of the survey is to collect examples of activities undertaken or presented by businesses as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. Read more

Health Equity Policy Platform for COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Human Impact Partners  releases  a cross-sector policy platform that, if implemented, could begin to protect the people and communities bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

People’s Health Movement Chapters Respond to COVID-19

The People’s  Health Movement,  a global network that brings together grassroots health activists, civil society organizations and academic institutions from around the world, has posted 16 statements from People’s Health Movement chapters around the world, analyzing the social determinants of COVID-19 in their nation, suggesting actions to mitigate its impact, and calling for governments to act.  Read more

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COVID-19, Capitalism and Public Health: What are the connections?


Note to readers: After a pause of several months, Corporations and Health Watch returns to its previous schedule of regular postings and monthly newsletters. A few new features  have been added: the web site is modestly re-designed to make it easier to read and navigate. Also, in addition to the usual coverage of the food, alcohol, tobacco, automobile, firearms, and pharmaceutical industries, two new themes have been added. The first, addressed in today’s post, is to explore the intersections between the COVID-19 pandemic, on the one hand,  and 21st century capitalism and the health of the public on the other. The second is a deeper exploration of how modern capitalism influences people’s search for well-being and the resistance and alternatives that social movements, health professionals, communities,  and others are creating to impact daily lives dominated by corporations. These are topics I examine in my new book At What Cost Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health to be published by Oxford University Press in early 2021.

As the COVID-19 pandemic dominates and disrupts the lives of billions of people around the world, public health professionals and activists need to combine two essential tasks. On the one hand, we need to contain the epidemic, predict its  path , and respond to the needs of those affected by the virus. Equally essential,  we need to understand the roots of the pandemic in the global political and economic system, its impact on that system, and the opportunities the crisis  presents for more fundamental transformations of a world characterized by inequality, ill health and missed potential.To contribute to such analyses, for the next several months,  Corporations and Health Watch will take on the limited role of serving as a collecting point for published articles, blog posts, and commentary on the intersections among the COVID-19 epidemic, 21st century capitalism and public health. To begin, I will offer brief comments, aggregate, and post  previously published materials that address this intersection. Since many others are aggregating and commenting on new developments in science, resources to assist communities and institutions to respond, and tracking country responses, this site will not duplicate that work. Please send suggestions for posting  that address this intersection to

Changes in 21st century capitalism are one cause of the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic  is now a cause of additional pressures on capitalism. Understanding these complex reciprocal relationships is an urgent task for both public health professionals who seek to mitigate the adverse consequences of the epidemic and for social movements and  activists who seek to advance social justice, equity, and human and planetary health. In this post, I sketch some of these relationships and raise questions that require additional investigation and public conversations.

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