Draining the Big Food Swamp: A Recipe for Human and Planetary Health

“Draining the Big Food Swamp”, a new report by Feed the Truth  and Maplight looks at the size and political clout of one powerful industry that has long dominated Washington politics: Big Food. Big Food is a $1.1 trillion a year industry dominated by a few, highly-consolidated corporations that influence everything from how our food is grown and how we treat essential workers to the health of our children and our ability as a nation to achieve greater racial, gender, and social equity. The report recommends:

  • Corporations and trade groups should heed public concern for what it is: outrage with the undermining of democracy.
  • The Biden Administration should ensure an end to the revolving door between government and industry.
  • Congress should pass the “For the People Act” and other measures that get corporate money out of politics and address revolving doors and conflicts of interest.
  • Trade associations and other vehicles for corporate “dark money” must not be allowed to hide the sources of their contributions or expenditures.
  • Corporations and their various proxies should immediately open their books and disclose the totality of their political giving across the world.