The role of industry lobbies in the climate negotiations


BINGO, for Business and Industry NGO, is, in French, “non-governmental organizations in business and industry,” writes Simon Ross in Le Monde. With such an acronym, it’s no wonder some voices are wondering about the jackpot that could benefit the economic players present in the climate negotiations! The issue of the presence of lobbyists is in any case taken very seriously by the delegates of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting in Bonn, Germany this week. “Hundreds of trade associations have access to climate negotiations, and many of them are funded by some of the world’s largest polluters and climate skeptics,” said Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, from the US-based NGO Corporate Accountability International(CAI). “They represent the main obstacle to raising the level of ambition of action against global warming.”  A new report by CAI called Inside Job: Big Polluters’ lobbyists on the inside at the UNFCCC documents the role of these business organizations.

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