Is free trade making us sick?

On May 20, the Jaime Lucero Institute on Mexican Studies at CUNY and the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute presented a workshop on free trade, health and nutrition in Mexico. The session was part of the Sobremesa, a festival on the role of food in Mexican communities in the United States and Mexico. The first presentation by Nicholas Freudenberg from City University of New York School of Public Health examined some of the ways that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) contributed to diet-related diseases in Mexico. View the presentation here.

The second presentation was by Alyshia Galvez, the Director of the Institute for Mexican Studies at CUNY. She is author of the forthcoming book Eating NAFTA: Trade and Food Policies and the Destruction of Mexico. The final presentation by Rebecca Berner from El Poder del Consumidor, the Mexican civil society group that led the successful campaign for Mexico’s sugar tax spoke by Skype on “ Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages for Public Health: The Case of Mexico”. View the presentation here.  Find out more about El Poder del Consumidor here.

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