Corporate Portrayals and Perceptions in Public Health Debates

At the Eighth European Public Health Conference in Milan, Italy last week, public health researchers from the United States and the United Kingdom examined how portrayals of corporate practices that influenced health are portrayed in the media in the United States and Europe and how public health professionals and policy makers perceive the role of the alcohol, tobacco and food industries in shaping public policy. The session was sponsored by the University of Glasgow Social and Public Health Sciences Unit and the journal Policy &Politics. The presentations included:

Nicholas Freudenberg
Lori Dorfman
Ben Hawkins
Left to right: Oliver Razum, Katherine Smith, Shona Hilton
Left to right: Oliver Razum, Katherine Smith, Shona Hilton


Nicholas Freudenberg (USA). The Influence of Corporate Business and Political Practices on NCD Risk. Download his presentation.

Heide Weishaar (UK) and Katherine Smith (UK). Better the devil you (don’t) know? A comparison of the tobacco, alcohol and processed food industries’ perceived political legitimacy. Download their presentation.

Lori Dorfman (USA). US news coverage of corporate actors in food and beverage policy debates. Download her presentation.

Benjamin Hawkins (UK). also presented on Tensions and contractions in policy discourses and media coverage of the alcohol industry.   You can read about his work here.

The session was chaired by Oliver Razum from Germany.


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