Guns by the Numbers

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As the United States continues to grapple with developing sensible gun policies, a few numbers illustrate the magnitude of the problems our nation faces.

Total Incidents of Gun Violence in United States since January 1, 2014 14,899
Total deaths 3,842
Total injuries 6,539
Total gun deaths between Newtown shooting and December 31, 2013:         12,042
% of firearms transfers that occur between private parties: 40
Number of federally licensed firearms dealers in US >50,000
% of firearm dealers not inspected within 5 years:                                              58
Number of firearms stolen from federally licensed dealers in 2012: 16,667
Firearms reported stolen or lost by other than dealers 173,000
Results of survey of federally licensed firearm retailers in 43 states                   % who favored five year prohibitions of purchasing a gun for:
Publicly displaying a firearm in a threatening manner 84.8
Possession of equipment for illegal drug use 80.7
Multiple DUI convictions 70.7
Assault & battery without lethal weapon or serious injury 67.4
           Resisting arrest 53.1
Number of personalized firearms commercially available in US:                             0
Public opinion on guns in 2013:% supporting background checks for all gun sales:
American public 89
Republicans 86
Guns owners 84
Members of National Rifle Association 74
Number of members of NRA 5 million
% of US adults belonging to NRA 2
Gun rights groups expenditures on lobbying to Congress 2013               $15,292,052
Gun rights groups contributions to Congress 1990 to 2014                                                                                           $26,691,884


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