A Bagful of Cash: How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Orchestrated a Corporate Takeover of Government

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Source: OpenSecrets.org
Dollar amounts, in millions, spent by the US Chamber on influencing congressional outcomes between 1998 and 2013. Source: OpenSecrets.org

A new report by Shut the Chamber, a group leading a campaign to educate and organize communities across the country to fight the Chamber of Commerce on a national and state-by-state level describes the history and goals of the Chamber:


The US Chamber of Commerce– a 101 year-old organization formed as corporations’ first union—is the chief agent behind Congress’ kowtowing to corporate interests, the Supreme Court’s favorability to corporations in its rulings, and presidents of both parties’ insistence on accommodating the wishes of multinational corporations at the expense of working-class people all over the world. This report outlines how the Chamber first formed, their blueprint for ultimate success as revealed in the confidential Powell Memo, how that blueprint has been realized in the 40 years since its writing, and the devastating effects of that agenda on small business. Despite the US Chamber purporting to be pro-jobs, pro-small business, and pro-growth, they have consistently lobbied for policies that kill jobs, stall economic growth, and take competitive advantages away from small businesses to enrich their corporate members. The Chamber of Commerce’s unchecked power over government will only continue to worsen unless the American people build a movement to mobilize against them.