YouTube conversations on corporations and health in 2012


Corporations and Health Watch readers often ask for suggestions for new materials for teaching or speaking in public about the impact of corporations on health.  To meet this request, I suggest a few selections that have been posted in the last year. 


Dr. Marcia Angell, senior lecturer of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Social Medicine and former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, answers that question and more in this installment of the President’s Lecture Series at The University of Montana. This presentation, “The Truth About the Drug Companies”. 

Posted on August 17, 2012: 78 minutes


Dr. Yoni Freedhoff at the University of Ottawa was invited by the food industry to give this talk at an industry breakfast, but, he writes “3 days prior to the event they got cold feet and dis-invited me. The good news is, the internet’s a much larger audience than a room full of food industry folks who likely wouldn’t have cared much about what I had to say in the first place. So here’s my take on what the food industry can do, why they’re not going to do it, and what we can do about it.”       

Posted on December 10, 2012: 13 minutes


Dr.  David Hemenway of Harvard Public Health Institute present facts that show that MORE GUNS = MORE HOMICIDES. After MSNBC Right Wing TV Host of the Cycle read some statistics supporting more guns in America, she was silenced by some startling facts from a real study done nationwide.

Posted December 19, 2012: 4 minutes


Michael Kang , a law professor at Emory University discusses the lasting impact of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the landmark United States Supreme Court case, including what was missed in the original outrage over the decision and where we might see campaign finance reform in the future.

Posted September 13, 2012: 2 minutes


Dr. David Jernigan , Director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing to Youth at Johns Hopkins University delivers a presentation on alcohol marketing as a risk factor for underage drinking during CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds.

Posted on April 4, 2012: 9 minutes


Bill Moyers interviews Naomi Klein, author of the international bestseller The Shock Doctrine. Klein says says the tragic destruction of Hurricane Sandy can also be the catalyst for the transformation of politics and our economy. She’s been in New York visiting the devastated areas — including those where “Occupy Sandy” volunteers are unfolding new models of relief — as part of her reporting for a new book and film on climate change and the future, discuss hurricanes, climate change, and democracy. “Let’s rebuild by actually getting at the root causes. Let’s respond by aiming for an economy that responds to the crisis both [through] inequality and climate change,” Klein tells Bill. “You know, dream big.”

Posted Nov 17, 2012: 32 minutes


Michele Simon, Attorney and Author of Appetite for Profit–How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health  talks with us about the tens of billions of dollars worth of lobbying, misinformation, fraudulent press releases, misinformation, and massive advertising campaigns used to influence your food choices, as well as agricultural subsidies, the FDA, corporate deregulation, food safety issues, experimental food technologies, obesity, and children (and now that the Supreme Court has made it legal to influence elections), the government itself.

Posted March 12, 2012: 15 minutes