NRA and Gun Industry Love New York Politicians

In the last nine years, reports the New York Daily News, the National Rifle Association has sent New York politicians more campaign donations than in any other in state in the nation. Since 2003, the NRA has reported giving New York legislators and political committees $217,400 — the organization’s largest outlay over that period. In addition, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association, contributed another $103,500, including $80,000 to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee in 2010. In addition, the two groups have also spent a combined $159,000 in lobbying in New York since 2009. The prime target – successful so far — has been to defeat Mayor Bloomberg’s push for microstamping of bullet casings, which backers say would be an effective crime fighting tool. Ironically, Bloomberg is also a large donor to New York State Senate Republicans.