Industry-Specific Resources

Corporations and Health Watch searches for articles that assess the impact of corporate practices on health for various industries. Below are listed the references we have compiled to date. They include selections from peer-reviewed publications as well as some government and advocacy reports. We invite readers to submit additional references they have found useful.

Teaching Resources

Find a graduate course syllabus for public health, health education or health policy programs on The Role of Corporations and Government in Health Promotion and Health Policy. The syllabus includes session topics, required and suggested readings, and course assignments. Individual sessions may be adaptable for other types of courses.

On March 8, 2007, the Corporations and Health Project held a symposium at the City University of New York Graduate Center on the topic of corporate practices and health. Dr. Nicholas Freudenberg, Dr. Sandro Galea’s and Dr. Nancy Sohler’s Power Point presentations from that event can be viewed here.

The health dimensions of corporate practices are also shown in a variety of feature and documentary films. Using these films in public health courses or as outside assignments can provoke useful discussions on corporations, health and government. Send us your favorite films on these topics so we can add to our list.

Check out the Archivesfor previously featured articles, interviews, research updates, and resources.

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